Blood, Carnage, and Hunger are the 3 talent trees of Malakai.


Blood is a skill tree that empowers Malakai's hemomancy, controlling the blood of his enemies and crippling them, as well as physically manifesting blood.

Tier 1Edit

Blood Mist - Ability - 5 ranks - Malakai tears free the blood of an enemy, and leaves them bleeding. A small cloud of blood remains for 2 turns, increasing damage to that enemy by 3%. Unlocks Blood Drive in Tier 3 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 6/9/12/15% damage increase)

Artery Focus - Ability - 5 ranks - Malakai forces a target's blood to run to bursting point. Increases their damage by 10% but deals 2% of their max health for 3 turns. Unlocks Seal Artery in Tier 4 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 4/6/8/10% max health damage) 

Bloody Minion - Passive - 1 rank - Whenever an enemy reaches heavy bleeding, a bloody minion with extremely low health is spawned. Bloody minions deal minor damage every turn to the enemy they spawned from. Unlocks Splitter in Tier 2.

Tier 2Edit

Transfusion - Ability - 5 ranks - Malakai deals 4% of the target's max health and draws blood from them. He then has the blood absorbed into another, healing them for the same amount of damage done. For allies, this passes all buffs to the new target. For enemies, this passes all debuffs. Unlocks Drained Dry in Tier 3 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 8/12/16/20% max health damage)

Vein Tap - Ability - 1 rank - Malakai's next attack inflicts heavy bleeding. 

Splitter - Passive - 1 rank - Bloody Minions become Splitters. When they die, they become two normal Bloody Minions. 

Tier 3Edit

Drained Dry - Passive - 1 rank - Transfusions used on enemies increases all their damage taken by 15% and slows them by 15%.

Blood Bank - Passive - 5 ranks - All damage dealt in battle deals an additional 1% damage as true damage. Malakai collects this damage as a cloud of blood, which can store up to 15% of his max health. At max storage, Malakai can morph it into a Blood Fiend. Blood Fiends deal 20% of Malakai's attacks and last 2 turns, and cannot be targetted. Unlocks Avatar of Blood in Tier 4 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 2/3/4/5% additional damage)

Betraying Strike - Ability - 5 ranks - Malakai briefly takes complete control of an enemy's blood, and forces them to attack an ally for 60% of their normal damage. (Upgrades - 70/80/90/100% of normal damage)

Tier 4 Edit

Seal Artery - Ability - 1 rank - Malakai completely seals an enemy's artery, stunning them for one turn, then dealing massive damage two turns later. 

Avatar of Blood - Ability - 1 rank - Malakai draws blood from all other combatants, dealing damage equal to 10% of their max health. A Blood Avatar is spawned from it, gaining health equal to the health used. The Avatar cannot attack, but Malakai cannot be harmed until it is destroyed. 

Tier 5 - Ultimate Edit

Bloody Annihilation - Ability - 1 rank - Malakai overruns the blood in an enemy, inflicting fatal bleeding that cannot be prevented. The target cannot take damage from any other source and cannot be healed. When they die from the blood loss, they explode, dealing damage to all enemies equal to 25% of the deceased's health. 


The carnage skill tree focuses on Malakai slaughtering his foes in his true form, dealing increasingly more damage the bloodier they are and  the lower their health becomes. 

Tier 1Edit

Bleed For Me - Passive - 5 ranks - All of Malakai's bleed effects deal 3% more damage than normal. Unlocks Exposed Veins in Tier 2 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 6/9/12/15% more damage)

Violence - Passive - 5 ranks - Malakai's attacks deal 1% additional damage when striking the same target, stacking up to 3 times. Unlocks Bloody Violence in Tier 3 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 2/3/4/5% additional damage)

Rending Claw- Ability - 1 rank - Malakai strikes an enemy, dealing 25% additional damage and making them bleed. 

Tier 2Edit

Exposed Veins - Passive - 5 ranks - Malakai's attacks deal 4% additional damage to enemies that are bleeding. (Upgrades - 8/12/16/20% more damage)

Scent of Blood - Passive - 5 ranks - Every attack Malakai makes on a bleeding enemy has a 6% chance to worsen their bleeding. Unlocks Rupture in Tier 3 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 12/18/24/30% chance to increase bleeding)

Impale - Ability - 1 rank - Malakai impales an enemy with both his wings, stunning them for 1 turn. Malakai's next turn can only be used to attack the target, and his attack does 15% more damage. Unlocks Eviscerate in Tier 3.

Tier 3Edit

Bloody Violence - Passive - 1 rank - Violence stacks up to 6 times, and stacks twice as fast when attacking a bleeding target. 

Rupture - Ability - 5 ranks - Malakai runs an enemy through with his wings, rupturing them and inflicting heavy bleeding. Deals 20% additional damage on enemies that are already bleeding. Unlocks Rip and Tear in Tier 4. (Upgrades - 40/60/80/100% more damage)

Eviscerate - Ability - 1 rank - Malakai's next use of Impale does not stun the target, instead pulling them in to get ripped open by his claws. This ability will always crits foes that are bleeding.

Tier 4Edit

Jaws of Death - Ability - 1 rank - Malakai unhinges his jaws and takes a massive bite out of an enemy, dealing 150% more damage. Only useable on enemies with heavy bleeding or worse.

Rip and Tear - Passive - 1 rank - Malakai deals .5% more damage for every 1% of health his target is missing. 

Tier 5 - UltimateEdit

Leviathus The Blood God - Passive - 1 rank - If all enemies are afflicted by at least heavy bleeding, Malakai's damage and stats are increased by 50%.


The Hunger skill tree grants Malakai unmatched self healing, feasting on the blood of his enemies to empower himself.

Tier 1Edit

Thirst for Blood - Passive - 5 ranks - Malakai is healed for 5% of all bleed damage done. Unlocks Sated Hunger in Tier 2 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 10/15/20/25% heal)

Hungering Bite - Ability - 5 ranks - Malakai bites an enemy, dealing damage and healing himself for 50% of the damage done. Unlocks Growing Thirst in Tier 2 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 60/70/80/90% heal)

Blood Seeker - Passive - 1 rank - Every time Malakai heals himself by attacking an enemy, his damage is increased by 1%. Every time Malakai attacks a bleeding enemy, his healing is increased by 1%. Max 10 stacks of any combination. 

Tier 2Edit

Sated Hunger - Passive - 5 ranks - If Malakai ever heals himself for more than 10% of his max health from a single attack, his stats are increased by 15% for 2 turns. Unlocks Undying Hunger in Tier 3 at rank 5. 

Growing Thirst - Passive - 5 ranks - Whenever Malakai doesn't heal himself for at least 10% of his max health from an attack, the healing received from his next attack is increased by 2%. Unlocks Blood River in Tier 4 at rank 5. (Upgrades - 4/6/8/10% increase)

Vampyric Essence - Passive - 1 rank - Malakai is healed for 15% of all damage he does. Unlocks Vampiric Presence in Tier 3.

Tier 3 Edit

Undying Hunger - Ability - 5 ranks - Increases Malakai's self healing by 50% for 1 turn. Increases the threshold of Sated hunger to 35% of his max health. If Malakai reaches it, increases his self healing and damage by 3% for the rest of the battle. (Upgrades - 6/9/12/15% increase)

Vampyric Presence - Ability - 1 rank - For 3 turns, increases Malakai's self healing by 10%, and grants half that to all attacks made by his allies. 

Turn - Ability - 1 rank - Malakai bites an ally, dealing damage and healing himself equal to 15% of their max health. They are briefly turned into a vampyre, causing them to heal themselves as well as Malakai for 10% of all the damage they deal. 

Tier 4Edit

Blood River - Ability - 1 rank - Malakai increases the bleeding on all enemies by one stage. Should anyone reach massive bleeding from this, Malakai is instantly healed for 100% of the bleed damage they suffer.

Engorged - Passive - 1 rank - All self healing Malakai receives when he is at full health is converted into an increase in max health as well as damage. 

Tier 5 - UltimateEdit

Reign of The Vampyres - Ability - 1 rank - For the next 3 turns, only Vampyres can take actions. Increases all healing they receive from their attacks by 100%.

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