The Mad World, also known as the Shadow Zone, is a bizarre, and terrifying realm created by Lilith. Horrifying monsters and tortured souls roam this place freely. 

The only known way to reach this realm of nightmares is to be sent there by Lilith via her blackholes. 

Sane and innocent soul lose all sense of time and conscience, and quickly lose their minds, and end up becoming just another lost soul, forever wandering the dark realm in madness. The dark world is in fact a twisted and nightmarish version of the Kingdom of Rodinfall, now known as The Gallows Swamp. This dimension was created when Lilith's darkness broke free of The Box of Ensi, and was so destructive and powerful it manifested itself as its own plane of reality, a shadow of the beautiful land it completely corrupted.

Notable DenizensEdit


All Elemental Spirits, regardless of their creation status, were imprisoned in a elemental plane of their own, and the Great Wolf Shadow is no exception. After his death, he was sent into the Shadow Zone, and will remain there for all eternity. It is both his prison and his realm, with Shadow having been described as "being at the top of the food chain there". Shadow, like all inhabbitants, has fallen to violent insanity here. 

Shadow is feared by all in this place, and is the judge jury and executioner of the Mad World. 


The tiny fragment of Lilith's soul that remembered her life as Calliope lived on in this twisted realm. It has been revealed that she is trapped there, and she cannot leave, the same way Lilith cannot enter. Here she is known as the Light Witch, and holds unspeakable power. She has taken it upon herself to save any innoncents who are unfortunate enough to find themselves here. She can infuence Shadow to an extent. This part of Lilith's soul has since remerged with herself, and she has recovered all her memories, and powers, as such. 

The Clowns of DiaboliqueEdit

The Cursed Clowns of Carniva Diabolique reside here and are among the most violent and cruel to roam the realm. It is because of their time in this realm that they have all fallen to the darkest depths of insanity. 

Every time they are "slain" in the real world, they are sent back here, to await their resummoning. 

The Cursed Clowns have created a territory of their own here, a malevolent and twisted carnival located on a pier to the far west. 

The Mad LordsEdit

Dark and horribly powerful entities who rose to power during Lilith's first imprisonment. They would go on to attack Haven in a long campaign of horrors, with their end goal being to unleash Shadow upon the world and bring about an age of darkness.

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