Luna is the Goddess of the Moon, and the Elemental Spirit of the Moon. She was the first of all the Great Wolves. She is the prime deity in many Werewolf faiths and is worshipped as their creator. She is the physical manifestation of the moonlight that shone during the forging of the world, and is a Primordial.

Although Luna is a Elemental Spirit, and is kin to them, she is gernally not considered one of them by title because she does not her have own Elemental line. This is because Luna shares her love and power to all her children should they seek her out.

Although Solarius considers her his mortal enemy, this feeling is not mutual, and Luna even blesses Werecats that seek her out. 


Luna is one of the few Elemental Spirits to appear in the story in her true form. That is one of a colossal white wolf, who's fur shines and glows in the purest colors of the moonlight. 

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