Name: Lok Grimbite

Age: 134

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Unknown, rumored to be ritualistic sacrifice

Race: Werewolf (Alpha strain)

Family: Alessia Cloudsmith (Mate), Elise Cloudsmith (Daughter)

Affiliations: Darkwalker Pack

Occupation: Dusk Warrior, Champion of Abyss Arena

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Lord Grimbite, Champion 

Lok was a very powerful Werewolf of The Darkwalker Pack, and was the mate of Alessia Cloudsmith, and the father of Elise. Not much is known about his relationship with the former leader of the Darkwalkers, but it is known that their courting was arranged. A gladitorial event was held to see who was the mightiest male, with the prize being Alessia herself offering her hand for coupling. 



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