Lost? Don't know what to do with your situation? Are you in a very bad conundrum? Is your back against the wall and the time has come to pay the price? Has a loved won met with a terrible fate?

Some people have found themselves in such a position. Whether they be at death's door, afflicted with horrible magics or disease, they sought an escape, no matter the cost.

Enter Lilith. With her dark powers, the woman is able to give those who seek her out almost anything they desired. However, often unbeknownst at a cost far more terrible than whatever they previously dealt with, there would come a time when Lilith came to collect.

Deals MadeEdit

Erykas LiandriEdit

After Taylor was accidently vaporized by touching a meteor fragment, Lilith was surprised to see his soul en route to The Veil. Knowing it would be very soon before Erykas came looking for help, she trapped it and held onto it. A few minutes afterwards, Erykas arrived and pleaded for Lilith to let him go. The Dark Queen explained that if she did, Taylor would fully die. In exchange for bringing him back to life, Lilith and the good doctor shared a kiss to seal the deal. Erykas did not know at the time, but her end of the bargain was to harbor a fraction of Lilith's soul within her.  The deal would come to a close after Lilith returned to the realm of the living after being tortured by Ana, and the piece of her soul within Erykas was collected.

Tara AndersEdit

In order to find a cure for the sickess the Mad Lord Vile was spreading, Tara ventured into The Mad World and into Vile's domain. Here her body was defiled and infected with an unknown contaminent that left the Grand Commander in a coma for a couple days, and bed ridden for weeks. Even worse, she was informed that the pestilence killed her ability to have a child. Deeply depressed about this and even worse how it hurt her husband, Tara made a deal with Lilith. The cost was the same as it was for Erykas, with a fragment of Lilith's soul being hidden within her. It came to a close the same time as Erykas' did as well.

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