This is a list of all the characters in the story who are the leaders of a group or faction.

Kingdom of HavenEdit

Leader: King Michael Deitus

Predecessor: In order; Ganath, Gabriel, Raphael Deitus

Vice Leader: Queen Melissa Knightfall

Predecessor: Elisa Deitus

Haven ArmyEdit

Leader: Grand Commander Tara Anders

Predecessor: James Price

Haven NavyEdit

Leader: Fleet Commander Daniel Jones

Predecessor: Teach Edwards

Eamon Wurld Edit

Leader: Super Duper Omega King Eamonsworth His Teethyness Ripper Liandrius The Third

Predecessor: Duchess Cassandra (Eastlands)

Vice Leader: Grand Chancellor Asha Madrani

The WestfoldEdit

Leader: Lord Brock Valtali

Predecessor: Mileena Carrolan

Westfold ArmyEdit

Leader: Lord General Robert Merras

Predecessor: Brock Valtali, Tyson Oros

Jara'guar EmpireEdit

Leader: Great King Ramo'ni Gu'ran

Vice Leader: Queen Zhurong Razhari

The People's Republic of The NorthEdit

Leader: Prime Minister Gregor Arlenkosov

Predecessor: Viktor Arlenkosov, Igor Arlenkosov

Republic ArmyEdit

Leader: Lord General Roman Arrego

Predecessor: Igor Arlenkosov

Sarai EmpireEdit

Leader: Pharoah Issari Sarai

Predecessor: Iasline Sarai

The DamnedEdit

Leader: Alessia Cloudsmith, Queen of The Damned

Predecessor: Lilith

True Kingdom of HavenEdit

Leader: True King Ganath Deitus

True Kingdom of Haven ArmyEdit

Leader: Grand Commander Daren Folce

McKinley PackEdit

Leader: Russel Mckinley III

Predecessor: Russel Mckinley Sr, Russel Mckinley Jr

Darkwalker PackEdit

Leader: Dark Mistress Ziara Nightfang

Predecessor: Alessia Cloudsmith

Vice Leader: Umbra

Darkwalker ForcesEdit

Leader: Dark Warrior Gror Duskbite

Swifthill KingdomEdit

Leader: King Arthur Swifthill

Swifthill ArmyEdit

Leader: Commander Mathew Swifthill

Blackwing TribeEdit

Leader: Moro Dahs

Predecessor: Aro Dahs

Whiteclaw TribeEdit

Leader: Naran Dahs

Cortez ClanEdit

Leader: Hector Cortez

Predecessor: Hernandez Cortez, Ezmeralda Montenegro

Vice Leader: Doña Ezmeralda Montenegro

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