The Lar'khiss (pronounced La-ra-kiss), more commonly known as Lizardmen (a name given in the future era arc), are a race of bipedal reptiles from a very distant island. 

Unlike the Werebeasts, the Lizardmen are not anthromorphic creatures. They are, the pinnacle of evolution of all reptiles. To clarify, they are not what they are via a DNA strain or virus; They are literally, reptiles, who through ages of evolution, learned to walk upright, gained intelligence, and became a civilization. 

They are a highly disciplined warrior race, with some of the most powerful characters in the story being of this species. They were not always like this, however. Ages ago, the Lar'khiss were actually masterful magi, harnessing the natural magical power that graced their land. However, this lead to a prolonged conflict, which caused mass destruction to the land and even warped the atmosphere around it. In order to simply survive, they evolved to gain a natural resistance to almost all walks of magic, and have outright banned the teaching of magical arts ever since. 


Lar'khiss are a proud and disciplined warrior race. They become trained in combat from a very early age, and train intensively and extensively for virtually their entire lives. They are masters of all weapons, several different forms of martial arts, but are supreme master swordsmen. 

Natural magical resistance. Evolution over hundreds of years in the magically hazardous land they were left with after the great magical war, has given Lar'khiss an unparralled resistance to almost all magic thanks to their scales. They have been witnessed shrugging off fireballs, blasts of arcane magic, and even a surprising resistance against the mysterious and dangerous magic of the demon realm.

Natural tolerance to temperatures. Thanks to their scales, Lar'khiss can withstand being directly in fire for a limited time, and are not bothered by the cold. Extremes of this being their leader Leviathus, who is capable of moving through lava without any signs of trouble. 

Naturally increased physical durability. Again due to their scales, Lar'khiss have a high amount of durability to physical harm. Their scales cannot be pierced by conventional weaponry, and while it provides them protection from even explosions, powerful forces can still damage them to an extent.

Superhuman speed and agility. Even the slowest Lar'khiss is capable of moving much faster than even the finest human athlete. Their training allows them to move at speeds faster than the normal eye can see, with the lizardman appearing to appear and disappear from location to location. 

Self illusion affinity. Lar'khiss are capable of tapping into the latent mystical power within their scales to disguise themselves in any form they see fit. Both Human and Werewolf illusions have been seen, and both are extremely accurate and detailed, with the said individual able to do normal every day things such as eating or bathing.

Notable LizardmenEdit

Tai Ishikawa







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