Name: Kyn


Status: Alive; Excommunicated

Race: Lar'khiss


Affiliations: CLASSIFIED

Occupation: CLASSIFIED


Aliases: Number One, One

Bounty: N/A

Known only by Codename: #1, he is the leader of the top secret mercenary group who's name remains a mystery. A man of focus, cunning, and high intelligence, under his leadership, his team has never failed a single assignment. His real name has been revealed to be Kyn, and he is a Lar'khiss

After meeting with his longtime hero Tai Ishikawa, he has left the service of Mister Zero, and after being caught trying to rescue Pierce, was captured, defeated, and excommunicated. 


Tall(ish) and thin, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. His scales are black.


He can be quite cocky, but given his track record, he can back it all up. He is a man of his word, and is a professional.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Number One is trained in all conventional weaponry, and even unconventional ones. He is highly proficient with all blades and standard firearms, and is a master of unarmed combat, stealth and infiltration. 

As a Lar'khiss, he is naturally a master of combat, and is able to move with such speed that to the untrained eye it looks as if he is blinking in and out of sight. He has an extremely high resistance to magic thanks to his species, and has moderate heat resistance, and a high pain tolerance.



As leader, he is respected and counted on by the others, as he equally counts on them. A professional, he has come to trust his team with his life and the success of their missions.

While he respects to a degree the mysterious Mister 0, he has earned the man's ire by becoming developing feelings for a team member, going so far as disobeying the rules set in place for them.

Most interaction has been seen with him and Number 3, who has always had an open attraction to him. They are currently romantically involved, and he has claimed he loves her, and has broken protocol in order to rescue her from harm. 

While his relationship with the team is more or less friendly, he and Number 5 do not get along at all, each viewing the other as a bitter rival. 


Kyn is actually a longtime admirer of Tai, a man whom he views as his personal hero and role model from a very early age. It is this admiration and respect that made him ultimately decide to turn against his employer.

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