The Kross family is one of the most esteemed and respected families in all of Haven and The Westfold. They have a long line of famous members who serve in the Haven Army, as well as being descendants of the legendary sheriff Karango.


Originating from the rocky northern expanse of The Dust Valley, Pappy Kross left his village at age 19, with the intention of joining the revolultion against The People's Republic in Haven. He never made it, however, as when traveling through the Dust Valley he came upon the lawlessness and trouble that ran rampant throughout the valley. Choosing to make a stand against it, Pappy settled down and became the first Sheriff of what would eventually become Karango. 

Notable MembersEdit

Pappy KrossEdit

First known Kross. Ancestor of all descendants. First sheriff of Karango.

Karango KrossEdit

Son of Pappy and founder of city of Karango. 

Tobias KrossEdit

Son of Karango, one of most famous Sheriffs of Karango. Local hero.

Jamal KrossEdit

Son of Tobias, legendary war hero of Haven. One of the most famous members of the Haven Army. 

Aia KrossEdit

Daughter of Tobias, founder of The Unicorn Stables, most famous saloon in all the valley.

Elijah KrossEdit

First son of Jamal. Famous Grand Marshall of Haven Army.

Hale KrossEdit

Second son of Jamal. Colonel of Haven Army and war hero.

Ares KrossEdit

Son of Aia. Famous Red General of Westfold Army, leader of Westfold Calvary. 

Mordecai KrossEdit

Son of Hale. First Lieutenant of Haven Army.

Aaron KrossEdit

Son of Ares. Current Sheriff of Karango.

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