Name: Kong

Age: 24

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Family: Oro (Pet)

Affiliations: The Pack (Not official)

Occupation: None

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: None

Kong is the most recent person to join The Pack. His name was engraved on the mystical wall that has all other Pack member's names on it. 

Hailing from the Jara'zhi Jungle, Kong came to Haven in search of his pet monkey Oro, who set off on a quest to make Amy's life miserable. He at first believed his pet to have been stolen by Amy, and he attacked Pierce on arrival. Once the misunderstanding was cleared up, for reasons unknown he decided to stay in Haven. Although Kong has yet to officially join the pack, he has at least an amicable relationship with them, even having a crush on Syllve. 

Kong refused to stay in the Manor, and instead built himself a treehouse in the palm trees outside. This is where he currently resides, even after The Pack was forced to move away due to the conflict with Rodes. 

He has been seen fishing and surfing the waters next to the Manor recently. 

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