Kelly and Obelisk were the signature pistols of Jeremy DeGrandi. Fully customized, they were never away from his side. After his death, his sister Jessica keeps them on her wall, and uses them on very rare, but serious occasions.


Kelly and Obelisk were prototype pistols that started off as simply revolvers, but grew increasingly more powerful and advanced with each set of modifications done to them over time. It isn't known who is the one that did these modifications, or where such advanced weaponry mechanics is achievable outside of Pierce/Dark Pierce and Amy. It is known though, that their final upgrade was done by Nariscia.


Upgrade 1Edit

The barrel of the guns were redesigned, making them appear a little similar to modern day pistols. This also allowed them to have greater accuracy and range.

Upgrade 2Edit

The cylinder was reworked, and allowed for 7 shots to be loaded at once.

Upgrade 3Edit

Both the barrel and the cylinder were redesigned, with the pistols now reworked to hold rifle rounds for far greater damage, range and accuracy. 

Upgrade 4Edit

The cylinder was removed, and replaced with the pistols having a magazine of 10, a one of a kind upgrade in the world.

Upgrade 5Edit

Magazine and barrel were replaced, made slightly larger to accommodate the new exclusive custom ammunition, the Rhino Killer round. Puts almost anything that walks the earth down with just one shot.