Karango is the largest city and unnofficial capital of the Dust Valley.

Birth place to some of the greatest upholders of the law, and some of the worst outlaws, Karango is the epitome of the wild western life style in the valley.


Karango is both figuratively, and since the great sundering, literally, divided in two.

Split between the northern side and the southern side, the northern half of Karango is the rowdy, wild, and at times even violent side of the city, with the south being much more peaceful, civil, and lawful.

North SideEdit

While crime is still aplenty in the northern side, it is nowhere near the levels it once was around the earlier days of the city. Law and order brought down by the famous sheriffs has culled crime significantly, while Jessica DeGrandi, in her peak of service, made almost all of Karango, even the north side, crime free. Since her departure, bandit gangs and some crime lords have returned to the north, but it overall remains a much nicer place to live than how it used to be.

South SideEdit

The southern side of Karango is harmonious, benevolent, and at times even jolly. The folks living here carry out their peaceful lives, protected from the crime and violence of the north. The south side is virtually crime free, as nobody, even notorious criminals and infamous outlaws, dare invoke the wrath, or challenge the authority, of the sheriff. 

The Unicorn StablesEdit

Located in the exact center of the city, The Unicorn Stables is the most famous saloon in all the valley, and arguably in the entire Westfold. Upheld as a strict haven, all are welcome here, and violence is not tolerated. Both outlaws and law enforcement are regulars of the saloon, and they can even be found engaging in friendly, albeit tenacious, games.

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