Name: Kai 

Age: Unknown, at least 30

Status: Alive

Race: Hybrid (Werewolf/cat)

Family: Aranos Rodes (Surrogate father), Ganath Deitus (Biological father), Valdanna Aralass (Surrogate mother), Arriana Skinner (Lover)

Affiliations: Aranos Rodes, Valdanna Aralass

Occupation: Project Atlas

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Project Atlas, Alan

Known as Project Atlas, Alan (called as such by his adoptive mother), but now known as Kai (the name given to him by his birth mother)is the first successfully born, and raised, hybrid of both Werewolf and Werecat. He was taken into custody by Aranos Rodes of Haven from a very early age, and through a life of dreadful experiments and processes, is kept in a stable condition. 

He quickly befriended Arriana, and after the fall of Rodes, has stayed with her forming a blossoming romantic relationship. 


Except when at home or in a safe location, Atlas always wears a hood to cover his face. Beneath it, it is clear that he is not your usual kind of werebeast. He has the snout of a cat, but slightly longer than normal and with wolf features instead of those of a werecat. He has the ears of a wolf, but yellow eyes of a cat. 

His fur is a soft grayish brown, and he is surprisingly small for what he is. He is roughly 6'2, and has no human form to speak of. His body has the more wild appearance of a wolf, but also has the refinement of cats. 


Despite an incredibly painful upbringing, and despite being nothing more than a tool of destruction in the eyes of his "creator", Alan does seem to have a genuinely kind and innocent nature to him. He is very naive, believing most things his parents tell him for truth. He has a natural curiosity to him, given from a life of being sheltered and hidden. While capable of brutal acts of violence, he only does these in defense of his parents, or upon their orders. He is almost innocent to a fault, unable to tell for himself what is good, and what is bad. 

Abilities & PowersEdit

Being the first (known) fully successful hybrid of both Werewolves and Werecats, Atlas is, by default, immensely strong, and is potentially one of the strongest mortal characters in the entire story. He soundly defeated Hiraldo Cortez, a notorious pirate and brawler, in a fight with ease. He is faster than Arriana post resurrection, and his hold has been described as one "of stone". While not bullet proof, conventional firearms have no effect whatsoever. His pain tolerance is frightening, and his regeneration is second only to the extreme of Nariscia. 

Unfortunately, all this power comes at a price. His life has been a painful one, and he has to undergo an excruciating process every two years to keep his body from destroying itself. His immune system is so potent, that instead of rejecting foreign tissue, his body molds it to his own.

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