Name: Jarod Thomas Price

Age: 91

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Age

Race: Human

Family: Price Family

Affiliations: Kingdom of Haven

Occupation: Master Servant of Deitus Family, Grand Commander of Haven Army

Birthday: June 2

Aliases: Master Price, Lord Price, Jarod the Hero

Jarod Price was the father of Jason Price, and the grandfather of James Price. He is known throughout the land as a legendary War Hero of Haven. Having served in countless battles, and even held the rank of Grand Commander under The King, the grandfather of the Deitus children. In the most shocking secret told in the story thus far, it was revealed that Jarod fought side by side with Archerios Cloudsmith for over 30 years. After he retired from the army, he would serve as the master servant of the Deitus family, and also their guardian. He would serve this role until his death. 


Like most males of the Price family, Jarod had orange hair, which would be kept at a neat crew cut during his time in the military. He had deep bluegreen eyes, with a very definitive jawline. 

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