Name: Jamal Kross

Age: 82

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Age

Race: Human

Family: Aia (Sister), Elijah, Hale (Sons), Mordecai (Grandson), Tobias (Father), Kross Family

Affiliations: Haven Army, Kingdom of Haven, Kross Family

Occupation: Master General of Haven Army

Birthday: September 20

Aliases: Master General Kross, Lord Kross, Jamie

Jamal Kross was a Master General in the Haven Army, and one of the most veteran soldiers still serving, having fought since the time of Jarod Price. He had been offered the rank of Grand General numerous times, but repeatedly declined for reasons known only to himself.

He was the eldest living member of the famed Kross family, and is the son of Toby Kross. 

Jamal was one of the legendary war heroes of Haven, and without a doubt one of the greatest soldiers Haven ever knew. This legacy was so great, Ana sent her right hand to guide his passing.

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