Name: Hive

Type: Type 1 (When "calm"), Type 2 (When enraged)

Classification: Class 3 (When "calm"), Class 6 (When enraged), Class 7 (Mad World variants)

First Encountered By: Archerios Cloudsmith

Found in: All across the entire Gallows, even in The Mad World

Weakness: Standard Undead weaknesses

Proper Dispatch Method: Destrution of entire "Hive".

Hive are a kind of Undead, more specifically, an incredibly dangerous kind of zombie. They are named such because of how they seem to function; They see and hear what their "hive", the name for the overall group, does. Groups tend to number from anywhere from ten, to the most extreme case being in the hundreds. How this shared senses and mindset works amongst them is yet to be fully understood.

At first glance, and even first approach, Hive zombies appear to be just that, mindless, weak, and insignificant. While they do generally close in on targets better than normal zombies, they would seem no different, their movements being very slow and even their attacks requiring little effort to avoid. They are considered "calm" in this state, and it is strongly recommended to keep them as such.

The reason for this, is the same reason why Hive are simultaneously considered among the weakest, and most dangerous kind of Undead.

If a single Hive zombie comes under any kind of harm, regardless of how little, the entire group becomes enranged, and their threat and danger instantly increases exponentially. Enraged Hive are absolutely nothing like their calm states. They are extremely aggressive, their attacks become swift and brutal, and they move faster than an ordinary Human can, even seen sprinting with alarming speed. A Hive will remain enraged until every single member of it is destroyed.

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