Hellfire Cannons are a prototype heavy defense weapon designed and used exclusively by Aranos Rodes. Pieces of one were recovered after the Battle of The West, and are currently being studied by Haven officials, but they are as of yet unable to understand how it works. 

These enormous cannons are extremely dangerous, and while they take time to load properly and safely, cause heavy destruction to the area they target. They fire large boulders, and how they are loaded and more importantly are able to fire such immense weight, is still unknown. These boulders are somehow packed with additional explosives within themselves, then doused in a highly flammable oil, and lit on fire. They are then launched out of the cannon base, with tremendous force, and a almost painfully loud bang. The boulders are fired with enough force to go over walls over 30 feet high, and have been recorded covering distances from 10 to 50 yards.

The impact of the boulders alone is enough to cause a crater, which is then only made even larger by the huge explosion that shortly follows. One shot from this cannon was capable of annihilating dozens of men at once.

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