Name: Helen Josaliss Vel

Age: Over 300

Status: Alive

Race: Vampyre

Family: Mekaliel Vel (Late Husband), Helena, Halie (Daughters), Stephen (Son)

Affiliations: The Westfold

Occupation: Noble of The Westfold, Head/Lady of the Vel House

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Lady Vel, The Violet Mistress

Helen Vel is one of the most esteemed nobles of The Westfold. A Vampyre of at least 300 years of age, she is incredibly loyal to Mileena, and was one of the leaders of the vanguard in reclaiming the crown from the villainous Kira. 

Her ancestors and family formed and are of the Vel Coven, but Helen respectfully left as her loyalties are to her country.