Name: Havoc

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Original death unknown - Mad Lord Death - Slain by Shadow; Vaporized by Infernal Fire

Race: Undead (Class 9)

Affiliations: Mad Lords

Occupation: Mad Lord of The Pit

Aliases: Demon Beast

Havoc was the Mad Lord of The Pit, and was responsible for defeating hundreds of soldiers singlehandedly, as well as defeating Alessia Cloudsmith in combat.

Recent events have revealed Havoc survived his destruction at the hands of Alessia, by hiding a piece of his soul within Alexander Vries. He possessed him for several months without anyone knowing, and while most of his essence was forcefully removed from Alex, traces of his corruption still remains.

After having revealed Jessica was pregnant with a child, a great struggle began with Alexander and Jess against the Mad Lord, who showed genuine concern and desire for the child. After a showdown within his own domain, he was defeated by the couple, and was ultimately, completely destroyed by Shadow. Lilith even freed the child from all essence of him, leaving no trace of the Mad Lord behind at all.

He was a major antagonist during the Dark Amy Arc.

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