Hierarchy in the land of Haven is made of multiple groups and factors. There is royalty, nobles, council members, advisors and politicians. 

Heirarchy ChainEdit


Politicians are generally considered a step above the normal wealthy man, are respected as such. They are government officials and make up most of the political body of the land.


Advisors, are, as their name suggests, advisors to the higher ups, be it council members, or military commanders. 

Council MembersEdit

All political rulings and decisions come to final decision here. Council members are considered high in terms of class and respect. Most Council Members are mayors or town elders.

High CommandEdit

Soldiers of The High Command are the highest ranked military officials. The lower ranks within The High Command have some social power, with higher ranks even being on par with the nobility. The Grand Commander stands alone, with only the King and Queen having higher authority.


Nobles are the highest prestige one can achieve without being official royalty. Before Michael's reign, nobles single handedly controlled everything from military action, to political decisions. They have since lost most of this power and authority. While no longer able to directly change or control political decisions, they can openly express their opinions on the matter. Nobles no longer have any say in the military whatsoever, but the military is tasked with protecting them. 

Royal FamilyEdit

The Deitus Family is the ruling crown family in the land of Haven. Michael, as current King, has supreme authority and control over the land, but he refuses to use this power in dictator fashion. As Queen, Melissa also holds considerable power, but she does not engage herself in politics unless absolutely needed to.

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