Name: Haven Army

Kingdom: Kingdom of Haven

Base of Operations: Haven City; Justice Quarter Command Center 

Leader: Grand Commander Tara Anders

Second in Commands: Grand General Lyle Odrahn

Size: Currently 8,000

Specialty: Infantry

The Haven Army is the standing armed forces of the Country of Haven. The Haven Army was considered the strongest and the force in Ulia, but they have suffered heavy casaulties as the story progressed. It is lead by Tara Anders.

There are many, many ranks within the army, divided into four tiers. Note, that each rank also may hold its own subranks, for example, the lowest subrank of a Captain is simply Captain, while the highest is Grand Captain.

The Haven Fleet, also known as the Navy or Marines, share almost all the same rankings, with a few of their own.


Tier 1 Ranks - General InfantryEdit

Soldiers of Tier 1 ranks make up the general infantry and bulk of the fighting forces of the Haven Army. They are the rank and file bread and butter soldiers on the front line. Soldiers of these ranks are almost always part of units lead by an Officer. Starting at the rank of Sergeant, soldiers begin the process of creating their own units, although they still report to and take orders from an Officer or higher.


Buck Private

Private Second Class

Private First Class

Corporal Corporal Second Class

Vice Corporal


Staff Sergeant

Gunnery Sergeant

Sergeant Major


Major Second Class

First Major

Tier 2 - Officers Edit

Officers are the first tier of soldiers who have command and control over complete units. They either have a platoon assigned to them, or, if their marks are high enough, are allowed form one from scratch.


First Captain

Captain Major High Captain Grand Captain       Fleet Captain (Navy only)


Viceroy First Class


Officer First Class

Officer Major               Marine Officer (Navy only)


Lieutenant First Class

Liuetenant Major

First Lieutenant        Fleet Lieutenant (Navy only)

Tier 3 - Central Command Edit

The Central command is the beginning ranks of soldiers of great authority and command over several units. In most cases a General or higher can be found among a host of 100 or higher, and they are usually responsible for tactics and battle. Officers report to the Central Command, who can and do lead vanguards to battle.


First General                                                                                                                                          

High General                 Fleet General (Navy only)


Grand Colonel               Fleet Colonel (Navy Only)

Commodore (Navy Only)Edit

Commodore First Class

High Commodore

Executive Commodore


High Commander        

First Commander 

Tier 4 - High CommandEdit

The High Command is made up of the most prestigious, intelligent, powerful, and loyal members of the Haven Army. Their authority is supreme, having command over all ranks below their own. They are the backbone of Haven, and many of them are considered legends in their own right.

Marshall (Army only)Edit

Field Marshall

Grand Marshall

Vice Admiral (Navy only)Edit

Admiral  (Navy only)Edit

Master General (Army only)Edit

Fleet Admiral  (Navy only)Edit

Grand General (Army only)>Edit

Fleet Commander (Navy only)Edit

Grand Commander (Army only)Edit

Special RanksEdit

There are a handful of known special ranks within the Haven Army, and possibly within the Navy as well. The following is a list of them, as well as the repsective tier they are in.

Grunt - General Infantry

Barrack Master - Officer

Arms Master - Officer

Master Sergeant - Central Command

Notable MembersEdit

Grand Commander Tara Anders

Grand Commander James Price (Retired)

Grand Commander Jarod Price (Retired, Deceased)

Fleet Commander Daniel Jones

Grand General Lyle Odrahn

Grand General Melissa Deitus (Currently believed to be deceased to most of the nation)

Grand General Aranos Rodes (Retired, Defected, Deceased)

Fleet Admiral Misty Snow

Master General Jamal Kross (Deceased)

Master General Thade Saldar (Defected, Deceased)

Master General Beatrice Angela

Admiral Richard Tomson

Admiral Pamela Parker

Grand Marshall Damon Hollows

Grand Marshall Elijah Kross

Grand Marshall Rebecca Fields

Marshall Eric Jones (Deceased)

Marshall Claudia Diaz

Colonel Hale Kross

Master Sergeant Harroldson

First Lieutenant Mordecai Kross

Lieutenant Major Amanda Kid

Officer First Class Katarina Saldar (Deceased)

Arms Master Torren

Barrack Master Richard Coroes

High Captain Bellinda Payne (Deceased)

Major Derek Kane (Defected, Deceased)

Sergeant Varryk Vries (Defected, Deceased)

Grunt Garth Wankston 

Vice Corporal Eric (Deceased)

Corporal Second Class Marcus Vries

Archerios Cloudsmith  (Rank never known, fought side by side with Jarod Price. Previously Haven's most wanted criminal)