Haven is the main setting for Kings and Beasts, a large land based roughly in the early earth 1800's (though with many liberties taken regarding technology at the time, mostly due to Pierce Verro's extreme intelligence and aptitude for inventions). The people of Haven speak Common, though most with an earth English or Scottish accent (even some with a decidedly Cockney accent). Haven is ruled by a Monarchy, with Michael Deitus as King. The capital is Haven City, and it is there the King lives, and where the main army is stationed. Haven City is the largest city of the land. Many small villages and towns populate the countryside, as well as fishing villages and port towns by the coasts. There are numerous other cities in the land as well.


Haven is generally very close to earth Scotland as far as climate, with rather constant rain and very rare snows. The climate and temperature change drastically in the lands bordering Haven however, with extremely cold and snowy mountains to the north, and hot muggy jungle to the south. Haven itself is greatly forrested, and has a large number of very old and untouched woods.

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