Name: Kingdom of Haven

Leader: King Michael Deitus

Royal Family: Detius Family, Melissa Knightfall (Queen), Angel Deitus (Crown Prince)

Military Leader: Grand Commander Tara Anders

Territory: Central Ulia

Capital City: Haven City 

Population: 40,000

Army Size: 9,000

Allies: 5 Kingdom Alliance, The Pack, Darkwalker Pack, McKinley Pack, 

Enemies: Northern Republic, True Haven, Sun Tribe

The Kingdom of Haven is the Monarchy that rules over the land of Haven. This nation has played as both the main antagonist force as well as the primary protagonist throughout the story. 


Haven closely resembles earth England during the 1800's, though with a decidedly medieval/steampunk feel. Many citizens wear Victorian era clothing, yet others will be clad in more simple clothes, closer to medieval times. The main weaponry consists of swords and simple guns, and the army or pirates have use of cannons. The Pack has a weaponry and technological advantage with the inventions of Pierce (who recently invented and brought the first lightbulb to the people of Haven). The main form of transportation is by horse. The people of Haven are simple and superstitious, higher education being reserved for the wealthy. Magic does exist, and is aknowledged by the general populace, though feared.

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