"Hail to the King, hail to the one..."

Hail to The King was the first Story Arc of the Ganath Saga. 

The arc focuses on the long awaited return of Ganath Deitus, the last, and greatest King of Haven. 

Major EventsEdit

The saga has only just begun, but already numerous major events have already taken place.

-Ganath Deitus has returned, and it has been revealed he has thousands under his command via an enhanced version of Archerios' old mind control serum

-Ganath has betrayed, and almost killed James Price, and somehow left him without his powers

-Ganath had Tara enslaved via the serum, but she has since been cured

-The Manor came under siege, which ended with Archerios sacrificing himself to save the others

-Vries was named Archerios' successor, and is now the head of The Pack

-James Price, for the first time in the story, has become a protagonist, and has buried the hatchet with the werewolves, now becoming their ally

-Due to spending extensive time in Malakai's Library, Ganath has learned an incredible amount of ancient knowledge, such as how to harm Elementals, and how to kill a Vampyre

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