Name: Gri'zha Ra/ Grimm Duskfall

Age: 319 (19 at time of death)

Cause of Death: Severe combat wounds

Status: Deceased

Race: Undead (Infernal Wraith), Human (former)

Family: Raith Duskfall (Father), Ra Family

Affiliations: Raith, Himself

Occupation: Legendary Champion of Sarai Bloodletting Tournament

Birthday: June 1

Aliases: Grand Champion Grimm, The Red Scythe

Item of Living: Talisman

Grimm is the 109 time Champion of the Sarai Bloodletting Tournament. It is clear simply from the number of times he has won, that this is no ordinary man, if he even is a man at all. The blood in his veins has dried out long ago, and death itself, refuses to claim him. 

It has been revealed that Grimm is actually the long dead son of Raith, Gri'zha. 

Two years after their reunion, the anger that allowed Grimm to walk the earth as a Wraith consumed him, and Raith was forced to lay his son to rest. 

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