Grand General is the second highest rank possible in the Haven Army, having authority and power second only to the Grand Commander. There are only two Grand Generals in service at any given time, the purpose of this being for them to balance one another out. 

Grand GeneralsEdit

Current Grand GeneralsEdit

There currently isn't a single Grand General, which has left a void that is in major need of filling. Master General Angela is currently filling in as one until the next duo is named.

Former Grand GeneralsEdit

Jarod Price (Promoted to Grand Commander, Deceased)

Aranos Rodes (Defected, Deceased)

Beatrice Angela (Voluntarily took rank of Master General after reaching advanced age, currently filling in as a Grand General)

James Price (Promoted to Grand Commander) 

Tara Anders (Promoted to Grand Commander)

Melissa Knightfall (Deceased)

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