Grace of The Veil is a White Magic spell, and is both the most powerful spell of that school of magic seen so far, as well as the strongest spell seen in the entire story yet. 

The only willing person capable of conjuring, containing, and commanding such a spell was Queen Mileena, and even she showed small signs of difficulty with it. 


Grace of The Veil is an extremely complex spell, and according to the ancient text it was found in, was used to lay a soul to rest without fail. If done correctly, the spell is guaranteed to work, regardless of the deceased it is used upon. 

It was used to lay the vengeful spirit of Anthony Tarpis to rest, and proved to be the only thing capable of doing so. The spirit of Gianna Winters willingly allowed herself to be taken by it as well. 


An enchanted circle of runes is made on the ground, the larger the circle the larger the amount of power needed to contain it. Several passages of a long forgotten book is then made to form lines crossing one another, with something belonging to the deceased placed in the center. 

As the spell is charged, the runes and lines begin to glow a golden white light, and when finally unleashed, a beam of light descends from the heavens and raptures the deceased, as well as anything else caught in the radius. 

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