Name: Giselle Nuru

Age: 34

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Family: Unknown

Affiliations: Sarai Empire

Occupation: Calvary Captain of Rak, Sarai Army

Birthday: June 15

Aliases: Captain Nuru

Giselle is a Captain of Rak's Calvary of camel riders. Headstrong and confident, she is fiercely loyal to her home. 


Giselle has tan skin with long light brown hair. She has vibrant blue eyes that are said to be the color of pure water. Having a life in the military as well as living in a desert, she is incredibly tone and even slightly muscular. 

Her standard armor consists of durable cloth wrappings worn around her torso and face, colors all manners of tan to hide her in the sands. She wears light armor plates on her legs and forearms, and wears specially made leather boots for desert warfare.


Despite being a veteran of her land's army, Giselle has maintained a level of eagerness and playfulness about her. She loves challenges, and openly volunteers to go on dangerous assignments to see "new things". She is very confident in her ability, and while not arrogant, she can be cocky towards outsiders. She is extremely loyal to her kingdom, but is not above seeing what is the right thing to be done in situations.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Giselle is a skilled warrior and leader. She can make quick calculations and predictions and react accordingly, being one of the most successful soldiers of the Sarai. She specializes in mounted desert combat, riding her camel while wieling her heavy greatsword with grace.

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