Name: Gerald Mort Vanraguard

Age: 45

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Slain by Erykas

Race: Human

Family: Vanraguard Family

Affiliations: Vanraguard House, Haven Nobles

Occupation: Noble of Haven

Birthday: March 11

Aliases: Lord Vanraguard

Gerald was a Noble Lord of Haven, and head of the Vanraguard House. 

He was a suitor to Erykas when she was younger, a vain attempt at an arranged marriage. He since antagonized her and also sought her love, death, and imprisonment. Not entirely in that order. He was brutally slain by Erykas after she discovered the assassination attempt on her was orchestrated by him,  but even worse, found out he was responsible for the death of her mother.

Appearance Edit

Gerald was a average height slender fellow. He had what he called "dashing" blonde hair, and pale amber eyes.

He dressed primarily in the clothes of a wealthy noble, fine robes and tunics only made of the best cloth money can buy. He owned a pair of steel greaves with his House's emblem emblazoned on them. He owned a full set of armor, but like most other nobles, it is purely cosmetic and he has never worn it once with intention of battle.

Personality Edit

Gerald behaved like your stereotypical conceded self-righteous noblemen. He considered himself almighty above all the common people, having contempt for not only peasants, but quite frankly, anyone and everyone who isn't of noble blood. He did not take no for an answer, and usually reacts to such with outspoken rudeness and threats. He used his name and money to get whatever he wants whenever he wants it, and those who intrude and try to disrupt his life are luxury are swiftly dealt with. By his guards of course. He'd never get his hands dirty, spirits no.

Like most other Nobles like him, Gerald was a conniving coward.

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