Name: Gabriella "Gabi" Cortez

Age: 15

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Family: Raul Cortez (Father), Cortez (Family)

Affiliations: Cortez Clan

Occupation: Pirate, Captain of La Reina Del Oeste

Birthday: March 11

Aliases: Doña Gabriella

Bounty: 150g

Gabriella is the youngest member of the notorious Cortez family of Pirates to become a Captain, however, the life was forced upon her. She was relatively protected from the life of crime on the high seas, and her future even seemed like she would not follow the foot steps of her elders, something that her family wanted. But her life was thrown into chaos, when on the day of her birthday, her father was assassinated before her very eyes by a rival crew. 

Gabriella is a tragic shade of a character. Her innocence was stripped from her that day, and by her blood she inherited her father's position. She was destined for a life away from the bloodshed of her family, but that too, was taken from her when she was all but forced to avenge her father's death. 


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Abilities & PowersEdit




Although Gabriella isn't aware of it yet, her older cousin Dahlia has taken an almost extreme watchful protectiveness over her. Dahlia sympathizes with the girl greatly, and has taken it upon herself to be her guardian from the shadows, going so far as to completely wipe out an enemy crew that had planned to attack the girl's ship. 

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