The Five Kingdom Alliance is composed of the five largest nations and factions within Ulia. The numbers of those involved have changed over the ages, but there has always been at least two kingdoms sworn to allegiance.

Current AlliesEdit

Kingdom of HavenEdit

Central Ulia

King Michael Deitus

Grand Commander Tara Anders

The WestfoldEdit

Western Ulia

King Brock Valtali

Master General Robert Merras

Jara'guar EmpireEdit

Southern Ulia

Great King Ramo'ni Gu'ran

Grand Queen Zhurong Razhari

Eamon WurldEdit

Eastern Ulia

Super Duper Omega King Sir Eamon Liandri

Grand Chancellor Asha Madrani

Blackwing TribeEdit

Northern Ulia

Archwarlord Moro Dahs

Former MembersEdit

Northern Republic


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