Name: Fendrania, Calypso Cloudsmith (former)

Age: Over 2000

Status: Spiritual (Deceased)

Cause of Death: Original Life; Damned by Lilith - Resurrection; Slain by Vries with Crimson Snow

Race: Ascended Elemental (formerly Human)

Family: Lilith (Sister), Archerios/Alessia (Nephew/Niece)

Affiliations: Herself, Kingdom of Rodinfall (former)

Occupation: Firstborn of Ice, Princess/Queen of Rodinfall, The Sufferer

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: The Ice Queen, The Queen of Suffering, The Suffering, Lady Calypso

Born Calypso Cloudsmith, Fendrania is the sister of Lilith, the one who imprisoned her, and was also The Firstborn of Ice. 

Lilith enacted horrible revenge upon her sister, and damned her to suffer eternally in The Mad World, as well as cursed her entire Elemental line.


Calypso normally and by birth had radiant golden blonde hair and very vibrant blue eyes. Her skin was lighter than her sister's, but she had the same beauty marks beneath her lip and her right eye. While just as tall as Lilith, she was much more lithe and slender. 

After her ascension as a Firstborn and taking on the name Fendrania, she became much taller and her hair became white as snow, with icy blue eyes. Her skin became an even paler color, but not to the extreme as her sister.


At first glance, Princess Calypso seemed to be a fun loving, flirtatious, sultry and adventurous woman. She was cheerful and pleasant company, and was not afraid to bend the rules to have a good time. She was fair to her people, and could at times even be mischievious. 

However, within lurked a far more sinister being. From a very early age, Calypso began to scheme and plot, wanting nothing more than to eliminate her sister and rule Rodinfall herself. When setting her plan into motion, her trueself came forth. She was cold, sadistic, cruel and efficient. When she became Queen by stealing the throne, she was not a tyrant, but her people still suffered from shows of excessive force and unfair laws.

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