Ember Grove was a small village in Haven, only a few miles away from the capital city. It is the only place in Haven where Cinder Blossoms naturally grow, and it is because of this, and because of the natural occurence at sunset, that the village got its name. When the sun would go down, the pollen from the Cinder Blossoms would reflect the light from the sun, giving off a beautiful display that looked like embers in the air. 

Ember Grove was the birthplace of the Verro twins and their sister, and the home of the Verro family. 



Notable CharactersEdit

Pierce VerroEdit

Birthplace, greatest/maddest scientist in the world.

Taylor VerroEdit

Birthplace, extremely skilled strategist, current Elemental of Fire. Burned the village down accidently. 

Vivian VerroEdit

Youngest child of Verro family.

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