Name: Elise Cloudsmith

Age: 25

Status: Alive

Race: Werewolf (Pureblood)

Family: Alessia Cloudsmith (Mother), Archerios (Uncle), Alysha (Cousin), Lilith (Grandmother), Lok Grimbite (Father)

Affiliations: The Lunari, Darkwalker Pack

Occupation: High Priestess of The Moon

Birthday: June 13

Aliases: Priestess Elise, Mistress of The Moon

Elise is the daughter of Alessia Cloudsmith and was once the heir to the Darkwalker Throne. However, to the shock, and pain of many, Elise, while not rejecting the ways of her people, instead chose to devote herself to the power and spirituality of the moon. 


Elise is a breathtakingly beautiful young woman. She virtually radiates the grace, serenity, and beauty of the moon, and her appearance is so fair, that Alexander Vries was left speechless in her presence when meeting her, and his son Marcus asked if they were looking at an angel. Her beauty was so great, that Alexander, who has a reknowned will and is fiercely loyal to Jessica, had to force himself to not become smitten with her. 

Elise stands at just 5'5, and has pale, moon colored skin. Her eys are a brilliant, radiant yellow, which are often compared to the stars themselves. She has long pale blonde hair, which mesmerizingly changes color to a moon silver or white, depending on how the light shines on it.

She is always seen wearing beautiful and finely made pale and golden robes, all of them being the clothing of The Lunari. Elise does not have a lustful body like the other Cloudsmith women, but nonetheless is still considered one of the most beautiful females seen. 

Her Werewolf form has yet to be seen.


Elise is the oddball in her family. The Cloudsmith line has some of the most powerful and capable characters in the entire story, from the indomitable Archerios to the Queen of Madness herself. Elise on the other hand is very timid, naive, and even cowardly. She greatly fears conflict and violence, and is actually even afraid of the dark. 

However, despite all this, she has a heart of gold and is a true altruist. She joined The Lunari which she felt was her true calling in life, so she may able to help and guide others onto the path of peace and serenity. 


"She's the apple that fell from the tree then rolled down the hill into the ocean and ended up on a different continent altogether." -Alessia, on her daughter

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