Name: Eladyne Tribe

Leader: Unknown

Royal Family: Unknown

Military Leader: Unknown

Territory: Eladyne Empire, Howling Drifts (Northern Mountains)

Capital City: Ielo

Population: At least 60,000

Army Size: At least 25,000

Allies: One of the Nine Warlords

Enemies: Werewolves, Sun Tribe, Vikings

The Eladyne Tribe is one of the two primary Werecat empires in the world, sister and mortal enemies to The Sun Tribe. Banished from their homeland eons ago for their worship of Eladius The Frozen, they are in a never ending conflict with those who praise Solarius. In the millennia since their exile, they have established a major foothold in the Howling Drifts of the Northern Mountains, while having also reclaimed their ancestral homeland, effectively rebirthing the Eladyne Empire.

The conflict between the two tribes is usually maintained in a constant stalemate, with neither ever able to truly best the other. However, in recent years, the Eladyne have been attacking with greater numbers and ferocity. They are dangerous enough that Jericho, even after having ascended to godhood, considers them a threat.

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