Name: Eamon Wurld

Leader: Super Duper Omega King Eamon Liandri/Grand Chancellor Asha Madrani

Royal Family: Vira Re (Princess)

Military Leader: Super Knight Chase Asoeni

Territory: Eastern Ulia

Capital City: Fun Town

Population: 65,000

Army Size: 25,000

Allies: The Pack, Cortez Clan, Four Kingdom Alliance, Darkwalker Pack, The Damned

Enemies: True Haven, Cassandra's Crusade, Haven Navy, Los Diablos

Eamon Wurld, formerly The Eastlands, is the land to the east of Haven, and is ruled by Super Duper Omega King Eamon Liandri. Although under the reign of Duchess Cassandra, The Eastlands were a barren, desolate landscape, in the years since Eamon took over it has begun to prosper and flourish once more. Because of Eamon's obscene wealth, he has been able to rebuild every village, town, and city, to the point where their architecture is the best it's ever been. Tens of thousands of refugees who fled the land during the wars that ravaged it have returned to find their homes looking as good as new, and even better than before. Eamon routinely rides around his kingdom just giving tons of gold away. Because of his reknown generosity, and his fierce business experience, Eamon is loved by his people, and is heralded as the greatest ruler the east has as ever known. 

Eamon has built many factories, where a large portion of the people of the land work. These factories primarily make the supplies and crafts needed for Eamon to run his business empire. Some factories make children's toys. The factory behind his home is where the magic happens, and where his delicious pizza is made. Eamon carefully inspects every work station and every floor, to make sure it is all the pinnacle of tidiness. Factory workers are paid very well, with even the minimum wage earners being able to live in great comfort and happiness. Eamon himself more often than not can be found working alongside his people in creating the pizza. 

The Capital City of Eamon Wurld is Fun Town (formerly Pine Creek). This is a robust city buzzling with life and business. Business and science entrepreneurs live, and gather here regularly, with some of the best minds in the land of Haven hard at work here. 

Eamon has currently funded a university to be built in the mainland of Haven, in City of Haven itself, with hopes that it will welcome and enlighten the brightest minds of the era. 

Future TimelineEdit

In the Future Timeline, the land of Eamon Wurld has once again fallen to a barren lifeless, and even hellish, landscape. This was caused by Taylor Verro

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