Dust Valley map

Dust Valley

"This ain't no place for no hero."

Dust Valley lies at the heart of The Westfold, and is a sharp contrast to the relatively peaceful country it is located in. 

Heavily based on Earth's Wild West, lawlessness runs wild and free in the Dust Valley. From highway bandits on the desolate roads to infamous outlaws in the towns and cities, one must always be cautious when traveling to and through here. While outlaws and crime are abundant here, it is not the norm, and most denizens are simple people trying to make a living in the hot, desolate land. However, as it is a rough place to live, you can expect most people here to be packing, and are always ready for a fight if the need should arise.

Notable CharactersEdit

Jessica DeGrandiEdit

Birthplace, the Valley's most famous and best sheriff

Jeremy DeGrandiEdit

Birthplace, the Valley's most infamous and most wanted outlaw. Lived and died The Karango Kid

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