Dragons originated in the Drom Canyons many thousands of years ago, the great fire elemental Radalok being their progenitor. The identity of Radalok's mate during that time is unknown, if even there was one. Most dragons still call the Drom their home, though some have migrated elsewhere or live in disguise with the mortal races.

Dragons are extremely long-lived; a healthy dragon can reach thousands of years old, and while not truly immortal, tend to outlive almost every other species on the planet.

There are many varieties of dragon, and they are usually identified by the color of their scales; however, a dragon's color does not dictate a kinship with other dragons of the same color (save familial relationships), and many dragons can view others of their color as a threat to their territory.

Dragons have some innate magical abilities (the species as a whole was born of magic), but only those who have studied the arcane arts can use advanced spells. Most dragons have the ability to shape-shift and can communicate telepathically with others of their species, but other spells (such as healing) must be learned. Some dragons have lived disguised as humans for this very purpose.

Every dragon has a breath-weapon (for example, Taryon, a blue dragon, is able to breathe boiling water, and Daern, a young tan dragon can breath fire) but save for coincidence, the color of a dragon does not neccessarily mean what kind of breath-weapon they will have. Fire is the most common, but many types of breath-weapons exist.

Dragons tend to be solitary creatures, preferring to live alone in a den or forest, but some will live with another dragon such as a mate or family member. Dragon hatchlings are left to fend for themselves, and those that survive have a head-start with the hard life in Drom.

Many dragons worship Radalok as a god, but recently, a small number have rebelled against the idea of Radalok returning to the mortal world, and would prefer he remain asleep.

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