Doom, Mad Lord of The Crystal Lake Graveyard

Name: Doom, Drega (formerly)

Age: At least 1,500

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Unknown - Mad Lord Death; Soul destroyed by Alessia Cloudsmith after being defeated by Anthony Tarpis

Race: Undead (Dragon); Class 9

Family: Unknown

Affiliations: The Mad Lords

Occupation: Mad Lord of Crystal Lake Graveyard

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Mad Lord Doom, The King of Bones

Doom was a great undead dragon and the Mad Lord of The Crystal Lake Graveyard. He was one of the most powerful of his kin. 

In life, Doom was a mighty black dragon named Drega. He was one of the most known and respected Dragons, with scales "black as a starless night".

It is unknown how Drega met his end, or how it arrived in The Gallows where it lost its life. A dark and horrible testament to the darkness Lilith created, not even such a primal creature was safe from it. Drega arose once more, and either succumbed, or was seduced by the madness, and took upon the name Doom. Using the immense might he held in life, Doom rose to power within The Mad World, and was one of the powerful entities who usurped control within. 

Doom became a Mad Lord, and claimed domain over the area of Crystal Lake.

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