Name: Dong Zheng

Age: 58

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Family: Dong Family

Affiliations: Sun Dragons, Sun Dynasty, Suns of The East, 

Occupation: Captain of Sun Dragon Pirates, Emperor of Sun Dynasty, Lord of Suns of The East

Birthday: April 24

Aliases: The Sun Emperor, Lord Dong, Emperor Dong, Captain

Bounty: 9,550g

Dong Zheng is Captain of the Sun Dragons, Lord of the Suns of The East, and one of the most notorious and powerful pirate captains in history, as well as the emperor of his homeland. Using power, influence, money and fear, he rose to prominence as a fierce opposer of the crumbling monarchy. Personally killing the weak willed emperor, he took the imperial throne by force and effectively ended a dynasty, and began his own. 


Dong Zheng is a large brutish looking man, with several scars on his face and body. He is over six feet tall and is powerfully built. His eyes are a bright amber color. 


Cold, cunning and cruel, Dong is a man who has no time or compassion for those he deems weak (which is the majority of everyone). Through sheer physical force and terror, he rose to power and became one of the most feared pirates in the world. Amassing vast wealth and power, he was no longer happy with just having dominion over the sea. He turned his attention towards home, and brought about the ruin of the failing monarchy, and established his own. He is not entirely heartless, as he genuinely wanted to make his country a better place for those who were suffering under the former emeperor's rule. However, towards his enemies and all those who oppose him, he is seen as a tyrant who enforces his rule through violence and fear. 

Abilities & PowersEdit

Zheng is one of the most powerful and feared pirates alive, and in all of history. His power, wealth, and influence were so great that he brought a dynasty to an end, and established his own, with which all of his power and fame grew exponentially. 

He has armies at his command, plural. He has firstly his personal pirate crew, one of the most dangerous and notorious crews in the world, and legion of crews who have sworn loyalty to him. In total, from pirate crews alone, Zheng has several thousand pirates serving under him. He then, has the entire army of his country at his disposal, which adds tens of thousands of more soldiers to his command. 

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