Desolus is the name given to a titanic Dragon construct, that unleashed complete devastation at the call of those who manage to awaken it. It was responsible for the destruction of Old Haven hundreds of years ago, and has remained dormant deep in a cavern beneath the ruins. Once the personal herald of the dragon queen Raldahza, its exact method of awakening has been exploited by others at least once before, and that time it was used to lay waste to the dragons of the Droms, and it has since become a feared myth known across all of Ulia in hushed whispers.


Desolus is a colossal construct, made out of both magic and rage. It is larger than Raldahza herself, making it one of the largest dragonids in all of the story. It appears to be made out of stone, and has three indents on its head which is where its horns go. Not much else of the beast has been seen, as most of it is buried.


To awaken Desolus, its 3 horns must be returned to its head. These horns naturally point in the direction where the great beast lies dormant. Once close enough, they will fly through the air to attatch to the dragon's head, like a form of magnetic attraction. Once all three horns have been returned, the mighty construct will awaken, and do the bidding of the one who awakened it. However, only the person who brings it its final horn will be the one to control it. 

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