Name: De'Bora 

Age: At least 150

Status: Alive

Race: Werecat (Jaguar strain)

Family: Syllve (former mentor)

Affiliations: Aranos Rodes

Occupation: Right hand of Rodes, Personal bodyguard of Rodes (former)

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Deborah

Bounty: 2,300g

The woman more commonly known as Deborah was the right hand of Aranos Rodes, and also served as his personal bodyguard until his Hybrid was successfully refined. Almost always seen at his side, she was also his best assassin and the one who negotiated business and dealings on his behalf. Highly intelligent, classy, and dangerous, she was believed to be dead until the very end of the Rodes Saga showed her alive. 

She harbors an intense and violent grudge against Syllve.

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