Name: David Cortez

Age: 49

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Family: Barbossa, Carla (Parents), Maria, Ricardo, Damian, Dahlia (Siblings)

Affiliations: Cortez Clan (Former)

Occupation: Composer

Birthday: November 4

Aliases: David Diaz, Maestro Diaz

Bounty: 300g

David was younger brother to Maria and Ricardo, and older brother to Damian and Dahlia Cortez. 

He was Dahlia's only brother who tried to defend her the night his other brothers betrayed their sisters. He was long believed to be dead by Dahlia's hands, but recent events showed that she chose to spare him. 

He has become a reknowned composer within The Southern Seas, currently residing somewhere in the western ocean under the name Diaz. 

He was recently seen writing a new song with his sister. 

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