Name: Darkwalker Pack

Leader: Umbra, Dark Mistress Ziara Nightfang, Alessia Cloudsmith (former)

Royal Family: Cloudsmith, Nightfang

Military Leader: Gror Duskbite

Homeland: The Fjord

Territory: The Endless Forest

Capital City: The Abyss

Population: 9,000

Army Size: 3,400

Allies: The Pack, Lilith, Eamon Wurld, The Lunari

Ascociates: Haven, McKinley Pack

Enemies: Kingdom of Rolas, Northern Republic, Icethorn Tribe, Sun Tribe


The very first thing one notices about the Darkwalkers, as their name implies, they have an intense affinity for the dark and the night. In fact, Darkwalker Werewolves are primarily nocturnal. They make their home in The Endless Forest, the darkest and most dangerous woodland area in all of The Fjord. Sunlight only penetrates the wicked canopies here in very few places, and the Darkwalkers have not only adapted, but vigorously embraced the shadows. Fiercely loyal to their leaders and their dark divinities, Werewolves of this pack can even be considered fanatic zealots. The equivelant of passing away and going to Heaven for a Darkwalker, is giving their life as an offering to The Dark Goddess, and having their soul damned to The Mad World. As the majority of their pantheon is made up of Females, The Darkwalker Pack is predominantly lead by women. The Dark Mistress, the title of their leader, has always been a female since its inception. Males are still held on equal ground, it is simply rarer for a male to actually harness the powers of the Night. Highly untrusting of outsiders, the dark Werewolves have mostly kept to themselves. In fact, for lack of a better word, they were the ones responsible for keeping the war between the three kingdoms in The Fjord at a constant stalemate. The Endless Forest, as well as being a natural maze of nightmares, also lies right between all pathways to and from the north and the east of The Fjord. The McKinleys could not attack The Kingdom of Rolas without first treading through Darkwalker territory, and vice versa. 

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