Name: Amelia Seline 

Age: 30 (looks much older)

Status: Alive

Race: Werewolf (Adrenal strain; Tybe B)

Family: Amy (Good half)

Affiliations: Herself

Occupation: Mad Scientist

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Omega

Dark Amy was created in the same manner as Dark Pierce, and while she does not seem as malicious as he was, she is nonetheless vicious and remorseless in the pursuit of her goals. She seems to be the much more serious side of Amy, and has no patience for silliness whatsoever, while keeping the maniacal love for science.

The Pack was unaware of her existence, as she left nealy the moment she was created. She remained hidden for several years, until a recent influx of a potent drug has been discovered in the lands of Haven, one that particularly affects Werewolves. 

She is the main antagonist of the current story arc.


Dark Amy looks exactly like Amy, however, there is one major difference between the two. Due to a as of yet unexplained reason, she is aging rapidly, even despite being a werewolf. Her hair is already mostly grey, her skin slightly aged, and her eyes lacking all the bubblyness Amy had, instead replaced with a cold, menacing, calculating gaze.

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