Name: Damon Don Hollows

Age: 37 (Debut at 33)

Status: Alive

Race: Human 

Affiliations: Kingdom of Haven, Haven Army

Occupation: Grand Marshall of Haven Army

Birthday: July 11

Damon Hollows is a Grand Marshall in the Haven Army. Although he has been in service of the Haven Army since before even Tara Anders, he has been deliberately kept at a lower rank as to always keep an eye on him. The reason for this, is that Damon's tactics are always extremely brutal, and he walks a very, very fine line between mass murderer and a loyal soldier. 


Hollows stands at just over six feet tall and has black hair that reaches his shoulders. He usually maintains his hair slicked back, and has golden eyes. His skin is slightly pale, and he has a horrendous scar going down the entirety of his torso, and is missing a small chunk of his nose.


Damon is one of the most feared members of the entire Haven Army, a reputation gained from being overly violent and uncompromising in the name of what he calls true justice. He is somewhat similar to the late Aranos Rodes in this mindset, however, Damon more closely follows his own personal code of honor. He will protect the innocent, and punish the guilty, at any and all costs. He has gone so far as to actively hunt down dangerous criminals by himself, and ends their lives in gruesome manner. 

Despite his fearsome reputation, he is a sympathetic and honorable man, and can often be found doing something as small as getting a cat out of a tree for a child, to aiding civilians move heavy things around. He has become much more approachable in the years since the conflict with Ganath has ended, and even has a (somewhat) friendly relationship with his fellow troops. 

Abilities & PowersEdit

Damon is one of the best fighters in the entire army, and is known for overpowering his foes and then viciously dispatching them. He fights with several tomahawks, and always keeps a butcher's cleaver on his person, all of which are used to brutal effect. He is a master marksmen, not with firearms, but with his axes, able to hit something as small as a head while moving from great distances, and is even able to calculate complex ricochets.

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