Name: Daern

Age: At least 200

Status: Alive

Race: Dragon

Family: At least two broodkin 

Affiliations: Resistance against Radalok, Ikol (loosely)

Occupation: None

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: The Bronze Drake

Daern is a young bronze dragon, who has taken an interest in mortal affairs. He is among the small numbers of dragons who wish to prevent the return of Radalok, and as such, has made himself an enemy to most of his kind. 


Daern is a small dragon with bronze scales, however, he is still several times larger than a normal human being. 

At one point, Daern was resurrected and infused with demonic power. This made him a little larger, and had demonic spikes covering much of hos body. His scales were turned into a dark purplish green. He has since been restored to his original appearance. 


Daern is a very kind and compassionate being, something of a rarity among his kind. He has interests in the affairs and life of mortals, and also finds them amusing. 

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