The following is a list of all characters who are in a romantical relationship with one another. 


Taylor Verro, Erykas Liandri - Married

Archerios Cloudsmith, Mynna Avell - Married

Alexander Vries, Jessica DeGrandi - Married

Raith Duskfall, Syllve - Lovers

Michael Deitus, Melissa Knightfall - Married

Damon Hollows, Rebecca Fields - Lovers

James Price, Tara Anders - Married

Lucifer Deitus, Mileena Carrolan - Lovers

Ra'moni Gu'ran, Zhurong Razhari- Married

Erykas Liandri, Arriana Skinner - Lovers

Sean Carson, Alia - Lovers

Brock Valtali, Chelsea Seens - Lovers

Tai Ishikawa, Ilona - Lovers

Arriana Skinner, Kai - Lovers

Former CouplesEdit

Shadow, Sombra - Mates; Both passed away

Alexander Vries, Arriana Skinner - Married; Divorced

Hector Cortez, Rebecca Cortez - Married; Rebecca passed away before story began

Pierce Verro, Amy Seline - Lovers; Amy passed away

Erykas Liandri, Amanda Kid - Lovers; Broke up several years before story began

James Price, Diana Price - Married; Diana passed away before story began

Ganath Deitus, Elisa Deitus; Married - Both passed away

Ren, Xelia - Married; Ren passsed away

Lyle Odrahn, Zaya Solari- Married; Divorced 

Dark Pierce, Nariscia - Married; Both passed away

Anthony Tarpis, Gianna Winters - Lovers; Both passed away before story began

Adamar Rona, Mary Rose - Lovers; Both passed away 

Hernandez Cortez, Ezmeralda Montenegro - Married; Hernandez passed away before story began

Barbossa Cortez, Carla Montenegro - Married; Carla passed away before story began

Julio Cortez, Erica Montenegro - Married; Both passed away before story began

Asha, Unnamed husband - Married; Husband passed away before story began

Alessia Cloudsmith, Lok Grimbite - Mates; Lok passed away before story began

Varryk Vries, Kimberlie Caldrings - Lovers; Varryk passed away

Taryon, Elixura - Mates; Elixura passed away

Jeremy DeGrandi, Nariscia - Lovers; Both passed away

Calliope Cloudsmith, Gavin Adarien - Lovers; Both were believed to be deceased, had a unfriendly reunion

Lilith, Lyle Odrahn - Lovers; Mostly on and off

Tai Ishikawa, Unnamed Wife - Arranged marriage; Wife passed away

Aranos Rodes, Beatrice Angela - Lovers; Were lovers in their youth

Norbert Angela, Beatrice Angela - Married; Norbert passed away

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