Name: Christopher Hale Deitus

Age: 152 (52 at time of death)

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Killed and Damned by Lilith; Stabbed to death - Resurrection; Killed by Alessia, single stab to the neck

Race: Undead, Human (former)

Family: Deitus (Family), Archerios and Alessia Cloudsmith (Children)

Affiliations: Himself, (former) Kingdom of Haven, Haven Army, Haven Royal Family

Occupation: Necromancer, Commander of Haven Army (former)

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Deitus the Mad

Christopher Deitus was a member of the royal family of Haven, and a Commander in the Haven Army. He is the biological father of both Archerios and Alessia Cloudsmith. Lilith gruesomely murdered him after she seduced him, and his soul was left to suffer in the Mad World ever since. 

Christopher's soul had survived the darkness, and he had maintained his identity, an extremely difficult feat. However, while one may survive the blackness, the madness consumes all. The man has long been stripped of compassion or morality, and was a shining case of the insanity that the Mad World brings to all its victims.

He was the catalyst for the Mad Lord invasion; In exchange for getting Lilith and his offspring all to himself for his revenge, he created tears within The Mad World for the Mad ones to come through.


At the age of 52, Christopher had a fine aged look to him. He had short black hair with a trimmed beard, both with light gray dustings. His eyes were a deep brown, with a large scar across his left cheek. He was exactly six feet tall. 

He wore the clothing of nobility, a long black cloak with a specialty tailor jacket. He wore black pants with brown boots, and tattered black gloves.

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