Name: Charles "Chase" Darrens

Age: 26

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Family: Mable Darrens (Mother), Charlie, Casie Darrens (Siblings)

Affiliations: Eamon Wurld, Mighty Guard

Occupation: Super Captain of Mighty Guard

Birthday: May 2

Aliases: Captain Chase

Chase Darrens is a captain in the army of Eamon Wurld, serving as the leader of the Mighty Guard who serve Grand Chancellor Asha. He more often than not ends up being Eamon and Vira's babysitter. 


Chase is 5'7 with blonde hair in a standard army crew cut. His eyes are a dark green, and he has a scar on his right cheek. His armor is white with blue accents. 


And honest and humble man, Chase grew up during the corrupt reign of Cassandra back when Eamon Wurld was still The Eastlands. Coming from a poor family, his father left at an early age to join the royal guard in order to provide for his family. Even in his youth, Chase excelled in the martial arts, even entering underground fighting circuits to earn extra income for his family. The oldest of 3 children, he was fiercely protective of his younger siblings, defending them from the bullies that dwelled in the rough and poor neighborhood where they lived. He lives by a strong code of honor, during his days as a fighter he would refuse to fully harm opponents whom he knew were badly outclassed, ending fights swiftly and painlessly.  

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